Mikhail Evsevyev

PhD in art history from St. Petersburg State University, where he has lectured for over 40 years at the departments of the History of Fine Arts and the History of Russian Art, docent. His academic interests are connected to the written sources on the art of the first quarter of the 19th century as well as to the history of arts during the era of the 1917 Russian Revolution and the “war communism” period.

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Articles by Mikhail Evsevyev

  1. Becoming tools for artistic consciousness of the people

    In the present article, the main principles of the reforms in Revolutionary Russia in the sphere of art are analyzed through the example of the reorganization of the Higher Artistic School of the Imperial Academy of Arts of St. Petersburg into the Free Art Studios (Svomas). The studios were to become a tool for the transformation of the surrounding reality and for the development of the artistic consciousness of the people. The intended result of those transformations was the complete spiritual and material harmonization of society, while the perfection of artistic interpretation was to be replaced with the perfection of social living. The research presented here is based on the archival materials and is one of the very first publications on the problems associated with the reform of artistic education in the first post-revolutionary years.

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