Nadezda Petrusenko

Currently a lecturer in history at Örebro University. She received her doctoral degree in 2018 at Södertörn University. Her research interests include gender history, historiography, and the history of terrorism in Russia.

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Articles by Nadezda Petrusenko

  1. Female terrorists: political or just mad? Conservative narratives in the historiography of early 20th century female terrorism in Russia

    This article discusses the main narratives employed by conservatives at the beginning of the 20th century to explain the political violence committed by women, and it shows how these narratives have been employed in the scholarly analysis of the topic. The article provides an answer to the question why progovernmental conservative views on the female terrorists and terrorism in prerevolutionary Russia have never been influential in the historiography.

  2. What did the Father Say?

    Comment on Pussy Riot: Reflections on Receptions Again, Samutsevich’s testimony evokes a similarity between the Pussy Riot case and women […]

  3. Mother-to-Be Making Love at the Museum of Biology

    Comment on Pussy Riot: Reflections on Receptions It is important in this connection to mention the activities of Voina (The […]

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