Norbert Götz

Norbert GötzHolds a PhD in political science from Humboldt University Berlin, is docent of political history at the University of Helsinki as well as docent of modern history and international relations at the University of Greifswald. Professor at the Institute of Contemporary History of Södertörn University since 2010.

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Articles by Norbert Götz

  1. The case of the Baltic Sea area Spatial Politics & Fuzzy Regionalism

    This article engages with political region building by examining the diverging conceptions of the Baltic Sea region since the 1970s. It maps the fuzzy geography arising from the enmeshment of territory with a multitude of frameworks for regional action. After 1989, the region became the object of interregional and neighborhood policies established by the European Union, with shifting territorial delimitations according to various internal and geopolitical needs of the day.

  2. Continuation war or war of revenge? Guilt and morality

    + Henrik Stenius, Mirja Österberg, and Johan Östling (eds.), Nordic Narratives of the Second World War: National Historiographies Revisited, Lund 2011: Nordic Academic Press, 173 pages

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