Ojars Eriks Kalnins

Member of the Latvian Parliament.  Former Latvian Ambassador to the United States, and Director of the Latvian Institute. Previously an activist of the American Latvian Association and the World Association of Free Latvians.

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Articles by Ojars Eriks Kalnins

  1. Latvia’s e-parliament does it from a distance

    The Covid-19 pandemic created the need to find a new way for 100 Latvian MP’s to debate and pass laws without sitting side-by-side in their historical parliamentary hall. A new e-system now enables Latvian MP’s to perform their legislative functions from anywhere they have an Internet connection.


    Two months prior to the collapse of the Berlin Wall, on August 23, 1989, far behind the Iron Curtain, two million Latvians, Lithuanians and Estonians joined hands on the highways that linked their countries in a massive demonstration for national independence. They called it the Baltic Way.

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