Paul Sherfey and Jiří Woitsch

Paul Sherfey is PhD-candidate in ethnology at Södertörn University. His dissertation project Cultivating Revolutionary Subjectivities: Politics, Heritage and Desire explores informal activism, using the case of collective gardens as a transnational political practice.

Jiří Woitsch is PhD in Ethnology and History. Director of the Institute of Ethnology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, and also the editor-in-chief of the ethnological journal Český lid.

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Articles by Paul Sherfey and Jiří Woitsch

  1. Remembering & reimagining rural communities

    Each contribution in this special section here presented, provides different cases and different ways of considering the tensions between local communities and national policies, between pasts that ground people and pasts which hold them back, and between the survival or memorialisation of one form of heritage and its reimagining in another form for other ends. However, for all contributors the heritage itself, and especially various processes of heritagization, are “not about the past but about the use (and abuse) of the past to educate — and at times inculcate — the public.”

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