Editorial consultant.

Pontus Reimers

Editorial consultant with a background as a classical archaeologist and lexicographer. Has worked at the Swedish Institute in Rome – work which included the excavation of the Temple of Castor and Pollux at the Forum Romanum – and at Lund University. Editor in charge of ancient history and archeology at the Swedish National Encyclopedia, later chief editor of Bonnier Lexicon.

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Articles by Pontus Reimers

  1. Call of the Wild

    Ever since systematic agriculture began in eastern Turkey around eleven thousand years ago, farmers and livestock keepers have had an antagonistic relationship to wild animals in general and predators in particular — a clash reflected in countless myths, legends, and fables, many of which survive in modern versions.

  2. The National Urban Park Historical Dead End or Model for the Future?

    Sweden was the first in Europe to protect nature in urban areas. Today, a wide range of national urban parks are being established in the countries around the Baltic Sea, parks that will satisfy the city-dweller’s need to spend time in nature.

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