Rene Mäe

Currently completing his PhD in sociology at Tallinn University. Visiting PhD student at the University of Tartu and Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. He has taught courses on cultural sociology and sociological research methods at Tallinn University and the Estonian Academy of Arts.

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Articles by Rene Mäe

  1. the story of e-Estonia A discourse-theoretical approach

    This paper traces the emergence of various digital technology-driven policy ideas in Estonia during the last two decades. The article is specifically concerned with the idea of e-Estonia, a signifier that is widely used as shorthand to denote Estonia’s success in developing digital solutions in government, public management, business, education, etc. The paper analyzes the idea of e-Estonia to disclose, contextualize, and critically explain the particular discursive practices that constitute the e-Estonia discourse. It offers a discourse-theoretical reading of e-Estonia in terms of different types of discursive ‘logics’. Finally, the paper argues for the importance of recognizing what is at stake in the act of naming e-Estonia.

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