Riikka Palonkorpi

She recieved her PhD in history at the University of Tampere in 2012. Her thesis is entitled ”Science with the Human Face: The Activity of the Czechoslovak Scientists Franticek Corm and Otto  Wichterle during the Cold War”. Her publications include: Palonkorpi, Riikka, Věda s lidskou tváří: Činnost československých vědců Františka Šorma a Otty Wichterleho během studené války. Nakladatelstvi Akademia 2017; Palonkorpi, Riikka, Mole holes in the Iron Curtain: the success story of the Krtek animated films. In: Competition in Socialist Society. Miklossy, K. & Ilic, M. (eds.). New York: Routledge 2014;Nisonen-Trnka, Riikka, The Prague Spring of Science: Czechoslovak Natural Scientists Reconsidering the Iron Curtain. In: 1948 and 1968: dramatic milestones in Czech and Slovak history. Cashman, Laura (ed.). Routledge 2009. Palonkorpi is currently working as a senior advisor at the University of Helsinki.

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Articles by Riikka Palonkorpi

  1. Czech Republic 2017. The winners were the Anti-Establishment Parties

    The clear winner was – as had been predicted – the ANO movement (29,64%). The other two major winners of the elections were the Pirate Party and the extreme right-wing SPD, that both for the first time ever surpassed the ten percent election threshold and made their way to the parliament. The biggest winners of the elections were thus the Anti-Establishment Parties and their candidates.

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