Research professor at the Academy of Finland.

Risto Alapuro

During 2005–2009, research professor at the Academy of Finland on leave from the Department of Sociology, University of Helsinki, Finland, where he has had a chair since 1991, after having been professor at the University of Jyväskylä (1986–1991). He has been a visiting professor/scholar at several European and North American Universities, including Michigan (1973–1974, with the late Charles Tilly), Minnesota, Moscow, Paris and Tartu. He has published extensively in such journals as Acta Sociologica, European Societies, Journal of Baltic Studies, Memoria e ricerca, Questions de Communication, and Thesis Eleven on civil societies, intellectuals, political conflicts, social movements, and voluntary associations. In 1988 his internationally highly acclaimed State and Revolution in Finland appeared.

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Articles by Risto Alapuro

  1. Dissertation review. A Marxist interpretation of post-Communist Estonia

    + Peter Bötker Leviatan i arkipelagen. Staten, förvaltningen och samhället. Fallet Estland [Leviathan in the Archipelago: State, Administration, and Society: The Case of Estonia]. Stockholm: University of Stockholm, 2007.

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