Croatian writer and publicist currently living in Sweden.

Slavenka Drakulic

Croatian writer and publicist currently living in Sweden. Graduated in comparative literature and sociology from the University in Zagreb in 1976. 1982–1992, staff writer for

Start a biweekly newspaper, the news weekly Danas (both in Zagreb). Has written for various newspapers and magazines in many different languages.

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Articles by Slavenka Drakulic

  1. Lost in Transition?

    Croatia is finally at the doorstep of the EU. Now the door is open and there is no need to knock and wait to get in. Croatia will be part of Eu and be able to participate and be active in social, economic and political projects of common interest.

  2. A few “easy” steps towards reconciliation

    Drakulić claims that top-down governance, which - she argues - started the war, is also the path to reconciliation in the region: Without the whipping up of nationalist emotions, purposefully and with the political will to do so, it would not be possible to start wars. It is only logical, then, that addressing people’s emotions is equally important as a way out of nationalism.

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