Sławomir Kapralski and Paweł Lechowski

Sławomir Kapralski is professor of sociology at the Pedagogical University of Kraków and a lecturer at the Centre for Social Studies in Warsaw. Focuses on the Roma genocide during WWII and Roma identities. He is a member of the Gypsy Lore Society as well as of the Editorial Board of Romani Studies Journal.

Paweł Lechowski is ethnographer with a focus on Roma communities. Former curator of the Regional Museum in Tarnów. Collaborates with with the NGOs Nomada and Lokator, that assist immigrants in Poland.

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Articles by Sławomir Kapralski and Paweł Lechowski

  1. Romani immigrants from Romania in Poland in the 1990s. Ethnographic observations

    This paper presents a handful of ethnographic observations concerning the Romanian Romani people migrating to Poland in the 1990s. This migration wave, although not very well known in the world, became a very important factor influencing, among others, the perception of the Romanian Roms, the Romani people in general, and even citizens of Romania as such by Poles. For Romani immigrants, this was most often the first opportunity to stay abroad

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