Professor of Nordic history at Åbo (Turku) Academy University.

Sune Jungar

Sune Jungar is professor of Nordic history at Åbo (Turku) Academy University, 1976–2000. Together with Bent Jensen, editor of the anthology Sovjetunionen och Norden: Konflikt, kontakt, influenser [Soviet Union and the Nordic Countries: Conflict, Contact, Influences] (1997), he has also published ”Stalinismen – kring en ständig forskningsdiskussion” [Stalinism – Concerning a Continual Research Discussion] in Medströms–Motströms. Individ och struktur i historien [With the Current      – Against the Current: Individual and Structure in History] (Festschrift in honor of Max Engman, 2005).

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Articles by Sune Jungar

  1. The Urals. From tractor manufacturing city to armorer’s workshop

    + Lennart Samuelson Tankograd. Den ryska hemmafrontens dolda historia 1917–1953 [Tankograd: The Secret History of the Russian Home Front, 1917–1953]. Stockholm: SNS Publisher 2007. 368 pp., illustrated.

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