Professor in political science.

Sven Eliaeson

Defended his doctoral thesis on Max Weber, in 1982 in Uppsala. An associate professor of political science at Stockholm University (1996) and a recurring visiting professor of sociology at the Centre for Social Studies and Graduate School for Social Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw (CSS/GSSR at IFiS PAN). In addition, research professor at Uppsala University’s Department of Sociology, engaged in a research project entitled “Gunnar Myrdal as a Weberian and European Public Intellectual”. His principal monograph is Max Weber’s Methodologies (2002). Among anthologies he has edited are Building Democracy and Civil Society East of the Elbe (2006) and, with Nadezhda Georgieva, New Europe: Growth to Limits? (forthcoming). Has been a visiting scholar at German and American universities and research centers.

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Articles by Sven Eliaeson

  1. Max Weber and Russia The long road to modernity

    Vesa Oittinen (ed.) Max Weber and Russia, Helsinki 2010, Aleksanteri Series 2/2010, 197 pages

  2. Small-state realism and the geopolitics of raw materials. An outsider’s approach

    Einar Maseng, Utsikt over de nord-europeiske staters utenrikespolitikk i de siste århundrer [An overview of the Northern European States’ foreign policy during the last centuries]. I–III Oslo: Universitets-forlaget 2005: 323, 291, 353 pages

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