Sven Rücker

Received his PhD in philosophy from Freie Universität Berlin in 2010, where he is currently teaching. His dissertation “Das Gesetz der Überschreitung: Eine philosophische Geschichte der Grenzen” will be published by Wilhelm Fink Verlag 2012.

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Articles by Sven Rücker

  1. The land, the sea and the water in between On the liquefaction of culture

    Even though the sea is characterized by its transgression of all borders, the founding of Sealand has shown that one can transform the sea into some sort of land, into Sea-Land. Because the sea is dislocated, one can set up a location. Because it is not the realm of defined territories, one can declare part of it as a territory and thereby align it with the land and the terrestrial idea of a state. But if one does, it is no longer “sea” in the strong sense of the word,1 but rather a symbolic aggradation of the sea — just sealand.

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