Professor of history at Örebro University and vice rector there.

Thorsten Nybom

Professor of history at Örebro University, vice-rector there. Has done research on World War II and the Swedish state administration. The country’s leading academic expert on university policy. Visiting Professor at the Humboldt University, 1999–2001. In 1989–1997, secretary general of the State Council for research on colleges and universities. Secretary of the major evaluation of the Bank of Sweden Tercentenary Foundation (Hinc robur et securitas? En forskningsstiftelses handel och vandel, 2004).

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Articles by Thorsten Nybom

  1. To the most “Gracious Mother” of them all A joyous yet ambiguous celebration in Berlin, October 2010

    If one wants to understand the arguments for institutional and ideological change propagated today, a closer study of the developments during the “long 19th century” is crucial, simply because this particular period in the history of higher learning continues to play a central role in the ongoing discussions on the future of the European university — Wilhelm Freiherr von Humboldt certainly casts a very long shadow.

  2. Professional ethics. Has there ever been a Finnish-German common destiny?

    + Marjatta Hietala. De finländska forskarna och orienteringen mot Tyskland under andra världskriget. [The Finnish Researchers and the Orientation Towards Germany during World War II], in Historiska och litteraturhistoriska studier 83 [Historical and Literary-Historical Studies 83] (Malin Bredbacka-Grahn and Johan Strömberg, eds.). Svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland: Helsingfors/Helsinki 2008.

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