Zuzana Maďarová

PhD, Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, Comenius University, Bratislava. Focus on political subjectivities of women and gender aspects of political communication. Her thesis analyzed the invisibilization of women and competing narratives of November 1989. Expert at the European Institute for Gender Equality in 2017.

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Articles by Zuzana Maďarová

  1. The butterfly effect in history-making Conservative subjectivities of women in the anti-communist discourse in Slovakia

    The oral history archive of the non-profit organization Nenápadní hrdinovia (The Inconspicous Heroes) is considered as an example of a wider trend in Slovakia to exploit women’s memories for the purposes of conservative or nationalist interpretations of history, placing women in the traditional roles and discourses of victims, auxiliaries, and self-sacrifice. Using the concrete oral history project as a vehicle and a case study for the argument, the article contributes to the understanding of the current discursive landscape of memory of state socialism and of gender in Slovakia.

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