Zuzanna Hertzberg

Interdisciplinary artist, artivist, andresearcher with a PhD degree from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts. Her art includes painting, performance, textiles, and collages using archival materials. She is interested in the search for identity in minority heritage, especially women’s.

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Articles by Zuzanna Hertzberg

  1. Nomadic Memory Artivism as the Practice of Recovering Memory

    Memory can be retained and archived. You can, however, also manipulate it, obliterate its fragments and sometimes whole segments, using its stores as a tool in a political fight with minorities. Historical memory is only seemingly a domain of objective knowledge. The point of departure for my artivistic practice is always work with archival material. With time, my experiences led me to outline a specific understanding of historical memory as a process in which the most important role is played by the migration of ideas, a peculiar kind of nomadism.

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