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A MEETING POINT FOR OLD AND NEW BERLINERS “ The need for a welcoming and stable anchor after turbulent times will never change”

2015, amid the summer of migration, the house was founded by writers Sven and Elke Lager who got access to the building from the City Mission. The wish was to contribute with solutions for the topic on everyone’s lips: refugee integration. By then, Give Something Back To Berlin (GSBTB) had already made us a name in migrant support circles. Since 2013 we had built up a big grassroots movement of volunteering and skill-sharing all over Berlin. GSBTB was by no means a refugee project, it was a migrant led-community project that simply reacted to the current needs of the city. One of the most pressing was for modern and human-centered activism supporting newcomers. Also, meet the refugee helpers: Bärbel Heinrich shares her story when she was imprisoned for helping people escape the GDR.

By Annamaria Olsson June 20, 2023

Soviet refugees in postwar Sweden. Asylum policy in a liberal democracy

+ Cecilia Notini Burch, A Cold War Pursuit: Soviet Refugees in Sweden, 1945–54. Stockholm: Santérus Academic Press Sweden, 2014. 359 pages.

By Ann-Marie Ekengren January 21, 2015