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Higher education and research in times of war and repression

The roundtable “Universities at War”, held in Vienna on September 27, 2023, provided a panorama of case studies analyzing how universities have been implicated and affected by wars and conflicts. The speakers reflected on the way academic communities have been affected and the role of European academic institutions as sites, agents, collaborators, resisters, and victims of military conflicts from the Second World War to Russia’s war against Ukraine.

By Yuchen Li April 23, 2024


The crucial matter of creating a Latvian “national” university in the aftermath of World War I may be seen as an example of the way this new nation was structured in both symbolic and practical terms. This academic institution provided an arena for rewriting the nation’s past history and recreating its folklore customs — both essential to Latvian culture.

By Per Bolin June 27, 2012


In order to ascend another rung on the development ladder, all three Baltic countries are engaged in higher education reform. Latvia has the furthest to go.

By Påhl Ruin June 27, 2012

Ilija Batljan. Committed to Baltic Sea issues

Södertörn University, where Baltic Worlds is published, now has a chairman of the governing board, a Swedish former Social Democratic career politician, who grew up the Montenegro of Yugoslavia: Ilija Batljan. Here he is profiled in an interview

By MarieLouise Samuelsson June 14, 2012

To the most “Gracious Mother” of them all A joyous yet ambiguous celebration in Berlin, October 2010

If one wants to understand the arguments for institutional and ideological change propagated today, a closer study of the developments during the “long 19th century” is crucial, simply because this particular period in the history of higher learning continues to play a central role in the ongoing discussions on the future of the European university — Wilhelm Freiherr von Humboldt certainly casts a very long shadow.

Essay by Thorsten Nybom September 22, 2010

EHU A Light in the Darkness of Belarus

European Humanities University, EHU, is a Belarusian university in exile that educates Belarusians in an academic environment that encourages the development of independent views. Students run the risk of arrest and interrogation by the Belarusian police. Some can no longer return to Belarus during school breaks.

By Peter Lodenius February 19, 2010

European universities. Visions and branding names

+ Bo Larsson (ed.) Univer-City: The Old Middle-Sized European Academic Town as Framework of the Global Society of Science – Challenges and Possibilities. Lund: Sekel Bokförlag 2008. 472 pages

By Bernd Henningsen February 18, 2010