Professor emerita at Potsdam University. Professorships at universities in Bochum, Munich and Potsdam in Slavic literary studies, especially Russian, Polish and Czech.

Herta Schmid

Born in 1942 in Mülheim/Ruhr. Studies of Germanistics, Slavistics, Philosophy in Cologne, Bochum, Munich, Konstanz, and of Czech structuralism in Prague (1965-1966). Dissertation on A.P. Chekhov’s drama, habilitation on Russian story-tellers (Pushkin, Gogol’, Chekhov).
Professorships at universities in Germany:
Bochum, Munich, Potsdam. Denomination: Slavic literary studies, especially Russian, Polish, Czech.
Professorship in he Netherlands:
1991-1996 professor of theatre studies at the University of Amsterdam. Emerited at Potsdam University since 2008. 
Main fields of interest: Theory of literature (Prague structuralism, Russian formalism, aesthetics), theory of drama, semiotics of theatre, literary analysis, comparative studies.

Main recent publications: 1.) Articles on Chekhov in:  Cechovs Tat’jana Repina Analyse und Umfeld eines verkannten Meisterwerks. Eds. Jenny Stelleman und Herta Schmid. München: Verlag Otto Sagner, 2006. 2.) Herta Schmidova. Struktury a funkce. Vybor ze studii 1989-2009. Praha: Karolinum, 2011. 3.) Articles on Lermontov in: Lermontov neu bewertet / Lermontov Revisited. Dramen – Epik – Lyrik – Übersetzung. Eds. Herta Schmid und Jenny Stelleman. München: Verlag Otto Sagner, 2013.

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Articles by Herta Schmid

  1. Culture as both a text and a system: Reconstructing the connection

    + Aleksei Semenenko The Texture of Culture: An Introduction to Yuri Lotman’s Semiotic Theory, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 177 pages

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