Johnny Rodin and Pelle Åberg

Johnny Rodin

Senior lecturer, School of Social Sciences, Södertörn University. Since 2008–2009, his research has illuminated population and family policies at SCOHOST (the Stockholm Centre on Health of Societies in Transition).

Pelle Åberg

PhD in political science and senior lecturer at Södertörn University and Ersta Sköndal University College. His research primarily deals with civil society and he is currently involved in a research project studying fatherhood in Russia at CBEES, Södertörn University.

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Articles by Johnny Rodin and Pelle Åberg

  1. Fatherhood Across space and time Russia in perspective

    Fatherhood in Russia today is a vague institution. The role of the father is developing in several directions at the same time, both in state policies and in the private sphere. The lack of coherence is somewhat surprising since active, engaged fatherhood has proven to be an important factor to reverse declining birth rates, which is a key factor behind Russia's current demographic crisis.

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