Kara D. Brown & Aimee Herring

Kara D. Brown

PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Education Foundations and Inquiry Program Department of Leadership, Learning Design and Inquiry at the University of South Carolina. Her research focuses on language policy, minority schooling and teacher migration and she has conducted studies in Estonia.

Aimee Herring

PhD-student in Anthropology and Presidential Fellow at the University of South Carolina. Research focus on migration, language and belonging, and with a particular interest in Baltic Studies.

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Articles by Kara D. Brown & Aimee Herring

  1. The public pedagogy of Ukrainian flag displays: A view from Lithuania & Estonia

    The material landscape of the Baltic states has dramatically changed with the start of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine: the Ukrainian flag, or its distinctive blue-yellow, has saturated the public space. In places once reserved only for the national flag, the Ukrainian flag flies right next to it. Building facades, windows, and walls serve as new surfaces for the display of the yellow and blue. The periodic, holiday-driven appearance of national flags has given way to the constant show of Ukrainian flags.

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