Nurlan Aliyev

Holds a PhD in Philosophy and Security Studies. His research area is primarily focused on Russia’s foreign and security policy, the Arctic, post-Soviet countries, strategic studies, and asymmetric warfare. He is a lecturer at the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw. His book project is supported by the Visegrad Fund Scholarship
for 2021–2023.

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Articles by Nurlan Aliyev

  1. What do Azerbaijani youth prefer: Silicon Valley, Pushkin, or Confucius?

    The aim of this essay is to explore the cultural, educational or so-called soft power influence of Russia and China in Azerbaijan. The essay analyzes the state and perspectives on the influence of Chinese and Russian soft power in the South Caucasus, focusing on Azerbaijan. It discusses the current situation and tries to put the soft power influence of Russia and China into perspective. It zooms in on the Azerbaijani case, because, contrary to other South Caucasus governments, the Azerbaijani leadership is trying to find a balance between the involvement of both the regional powers and the great powers by maintaining a virtually equal political distance from the West and from Russia and China.

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