Associate professor at the Department of Gender Studies at the Central European University, Budapest.

Andrea Petö

Andrea Petö is an associate professor at the Department of Gender Studies at the Central European University where she is teaching courses on social and cultural history of Europe. Her books include: Women in Hungarian Politics 1945–1951 (Columbia University Press/East European Monographs New York, 2003), Geschlecht, Politik und Stalinismus in Ungarn: Eine Biographie von Júlia Rajk. Studien zur Geschichte Ungarns, Bd. 12. (Gabriele Schäfer Verlag, 2007). Presently she is working on gendered memory of World War II and political extremisms.

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Articles by Andrea Petö

  1. Memoralization of the holocaust in the polish film aftermath

    The author argues that the history of the Holocaust is the history of Europe; "as Europeans, we all continue to live it". "It is not wise to appropriate to ourselves the story of suffering, because even in the short term such a course will lead to isolation and a rise in anti-Semitism."

  2. Negotiating Soviet gendered reality in Lithuania. Among superwomen and alcoholics

    Adopting and Remembering Soviet Reality: Life Stories of Lithuanian Women 1945—1970, Edited and adapted by Dalia Leinarte, Amsterdam & New York: Rodopi 2010, 234 pages

  3. Arrow Cross Women and Female Informants

    In Hungary, there were several active women fascists. In the People’s Tribunals after World War II, however, few of the women were convicted. There was an unwillingness to think of women as capable of such evil deeds.

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