Andrej Kotljarchuk

PhD in History, Associate Professor at the Department of History and Contemporary Studies at Södertörn University. Participate in the ongoing international project about the genocide of the Roma in Ukraine during World War II (Foundation for Baltic and East European studies 2012-2014). Coordinating the project “Soviet Nordic Minorities and Ethnic Cleaning’s on the Kola Peninsula” (Foundation for Baltic and East European studies 2013-2015) and coordinator of an international network on Stalin’s terrors against minorities in the Soviet Union (Swedish Institute).

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Articles by Andrej Kotljarchuk

  1. Understanding the geography of Belarus 95 maps with comments

    Belarus in Maps, Edited by Dávid Karácsonyi, Károly Kocsis, and Zsolt Bottlik. Budapest: Geographical Institute, 2017, 194 pages.

  2. Representing Genocide: “The Nazi Massacre of Roma in Babi Yar in Soviet and Ukrainian Historical Culture”

    At a symposium in March 2015, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Andrej Kotljarchuk presented the results of an ongoing research project “The Roma Genocide in Ukraine 1941-1944: History, memories and representations”.

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