Professor of history at Södertörn University.

David Gaunt

Professor of history at Södertörn University. For many years has conducted research into what actually happened to the Christian population from 1915 to 1916 in southeastern Turkey, during what is called the Armenian, Assyrian/Syrian, and Pontic-Greek genocides. Inducted in 2011 into the Assembly Academia Europaea, Section of History and Archaeology.

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Articles by David Gaunt

  1. A Tony Judt Century. Last talks

    Tony Judt with Timothy Snyder, Thinking the Twentieth Century, New York 2012, The Penguin Press, 414 pages

  2. Reinterpreting a Bulgarian past. The dialectics of dictates and dictatorships

    Roumen Daskalov, Debating the Past, Modern Bulgarian History – from Stambolov to Zhivkov, Budapest: Central European University Press 2011 367 pages, Original Bulgarian edition 2009

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