Helene Carlbäck, associate professor of history, Södertörn University.

Helene Carlbäck

Associated professor of History, Södertörn University.

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Articles by Helene Carlbäck

  1. Aleksanteri Annual Conference 2016 LIFE & DEATH IN RUSSIA

    The Russian welfare state has undergone deep structural transformations during the last twenty-five years. The aim of the 16th Annual […]

  2. How to do business with Russia. Guidelines for businesspeople

    Katerina Smetanina, Når Ivar møter Ivan. Å gjøre forretninger i Russland [When Ivar meets Ivan. How to do business in Russia] Oslo: Arneberg Forlag, 2014, 548 pages.

  3. Women about women. Discourses on both sides of the Iron Curtain

    At the exact time that voices in the Swedish public debate increasingly questioned obstacles to women’s participation in professional work on an equal footing with men, the opposite tendency could be observed in Soviet Russian debates. Here an excerpt from a paper presented at the Aleksanteri Institute’s ninth annual conference.

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